Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ways I Know Spence Had Fun at Camp

  • He went totally rogue with his clothes. I packed shorts rolled with the shirts that matched.

  • By the fourth day, he was wearing this:
    Stripes and plaids? You have to have
    a certain je ne sais quoi to pull that off.
    And, when we picked him up, he was wearing this:
    What? There's red and blue in the
    shorts. It ties it all together.

  • He participated in the End-of-Camp Rodeo.

  • He rode a horse out to the middle of the arena...
    ...and stole a ribbon from what had to have been...
    ...the most disturbing Rodeo Clowns I have. ever. seen.
    God bless the college boys that will dress like this just so little
    kids can have some fun. (But, there's a small chance they have
    ruined any future they had in politics. "Cross-dressing Clown"
    might be a campaign manager's worst nightmare...)

  • On the drive home, he asked if he could go back to camp again... this summer.

  • He slept almost 11 hours his first night home.

  • He brought home half a ranch worth of dirt in his duffle bag.

  • It doesn't appear that any of his soap or shampoo was used.

  • And, mainly? Because when we got there, we were greeted with this dirty-faced smile!
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