Friday, July 01, 2011

Did You Stick Something In Your Ear?

"Did you stick something in your ear?" the doctor asks sweetly with a smile.

To which Lulu smiles back and coyly answers, "Yeeeeees."

We are at the pediatrician's office for Elizabeth's 5-year-old well-check. Everything looks perfect, until... I'm sorry. Did you just say there's something in her ear?!

The doctor continues in her loving manner. "What did you put in your ear?"

But, by now Elizabeth has sensed that it isn't really an okay thing for one to have something in one's ear. So, she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

The doctor tells me it looks like a rock or a pebble. But, it is really crammed in there. She says she can't believe Lulu can even hear out of that ear. She is going to send the nurse in to try to flush it out, but she doesn't know if it will work. And, the "hook" she has to try to get it out would hurt because the ear is so sensitive and the "thing" is so wedged in there. So, if the flushing doesn't work, we're going to have to go see an ENT.


The nurse comes in. She covers Lulu to keep her from getting wet. She starts flushing. Lulu is a trooper, but even this hurts.

But, it works!

This comes out of my child's head.
Again. A quarter for size reference because I'm all scientific like that.

By the time we're leaving Lulu's story is somewhere along the lines of "I think I was lying on the ground and a rock fell in my ear."

I'm not buying it, Little Girl.


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