Thursday, July 14, 2011

True Confession(s): Lazy Summer Edition

I have a confession. It's taken me this long to put up pictures of our trip to Corpus Christi because I didn't want to get the camera cord to download them. Not, I didn't want to find it. I didn't want to get it. I knew right where it was, too. It just wasn't ever within reaching distance. I'm still a little bit bitter about the walk across the room I did have to make in order for this post to appear.

I have another confession. I couldn't make the trip to the camera cord yesterday because of the laundry. Oh, the laundry. It had become a beast with a life of its own. I considered throwing it all away and starting over. But, that would have require a trip to the store. And, I was too lazy to do that, too. So. Instead I did nine. loads. of laundry yesterday. Nine. And, I have a large capacity washer. How my family wasn't walking around naked I will never know.

Oh wait. I have another confession. I'm addicted to If you follow me on Facebook** or Twitter you saw when it occurred to me the other day that there was some cool site out there about which I had heard people rave/bemoan because it was so awesome/addicting. And, as with most things the moment they jump in my head for no reason, I wanted to go to there! The Sirens friends in my life helped make it happen. And, now I have a[nother] problem.
**and if you don't... WTH? I'm only *this many* (Trust me. I'm holding my fingers very close together) people away from having 400 followers on my Facebook blog page. Then my whole life would be validated. Well. You know what I mean. As much validation as one can get from a social networking site. So. Really. None. But, 400 would still be cool. So go tell your mom to be my fan, please...
So there you have it. I guess to summarize: The lazy days of summer have walloped the kids and me upside the head.

I'm exhausted from typing this post. Does someone have a refreshing iced beverage I can drink?

Oh crap. I still didn't post those vacation pictures.

And, I should be honest.

I never did get the camera cord.


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