Thursday, September 16, 2010

As Pre-K Turns

It seems Lulu has a boyfriend.

It's a good thing. You know, she is four. She had better snag herself a man before she gets too old. (OH MY GOODNESS - if you don't know that I could not be kidding MORE with that comment, then stop reading this blog IMMEDIATELY. Girl Power!)

I was spying through the windows of her classroom after drop-off yesterday. I saw her with her hands on L's waist, gazing adoringly up into his face while she told him something. I kept walking (I didn't want to be seen through the window - not that she would care that I was leaving... who am I kidding?). But, as I walked out of view I thought, "Was she just going in for the Good Morning hug/kiss?!"

I let it slip from my mind until I got a phone call from my friend - V's mom. It seems it was her day to read to our kids' class in the library and she wondered if I knew that Elizabeth was involved in an intense love affair. I laughed and told her what I had seen that morning. She said when they got to the library, Lulu and L tried to sit so close to each other that they were pretty much sharing the same carpet square. Before she even began reading, L had put his arm around Lulu. And she was distracted from her reading multiple times when L leaned over and kissed Lulu on the cheek.

So, come to find out after close note comparison with the other moms in our class: Lulu & L love each other. J loves V so much he wants her to come over and spend the night! B wants a girlfriend, too, but he can't be E's boyfriend because K wants E to be her BFF and no one else's.

Do you think we can sell the rights to this soap opera?


When I picked up Elizabeth from school yesterday I said, "Hey, Lulu. Do you have a new friend?"

She said, "Yeah. L's my friend. We play together. He's the knight-prince and I'm the princess. I have a pet named Rosie and he has a pet named Handsome."

Atta girl. You make those boys play prince to your princess for the rest of your life, sweet thing!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

So, is "J" my J? Or is there another one?

Ali said...

another one. your J isn't in our class, is he?!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Sweet girl! Love that story.

Ali said...


Avante Garde Parenting said...

Yes! What a little heartthrob your daughter is- I love it! Please post updates on the relationship as it continues/drama ensues- this is too funny :)

April said...

And then your Princess goes to high school and the little boys who once played prince to your princess now just want to PLAY.


Yes, it's Negative Nancy calling.

Sorry to add vinegar to a sweet story. But as the mother of a teenage daughter - had to say it. :)

Anna said...

Uh oh! Where's Shawn? Cleaning his shotgun? ;-)

Ali said...

no. Shawn just felt sorry for him that she made him play princess!

Ali said...

April - how did i miss your comment?! probably because it made me SAD! MY teenager won't be like all the rest of them, right?! :(

Ali said...

AGP - i missed your comment, too! it's funny i saw it today, though, because i picked elizabeth up from school today and she told me, "one of my friends said i was pretty." "How nice! Who was it?" "L... he said, 'Elizabeth, you look pretty today.'"

this boy is a CHARMER!

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