Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surely it won't be as bad as "Big Daddy" or "Three Men and A Baby"

I'm going to see my sister and nieces this weekend. To say I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off would be an understatement. I'm trying to get myself together for a 7am flight in the morning, but I'm trying to leave the house and children in a state that won't cause Shawn's head to explode. Although he is being so sweet and supportive of this last minute trip, I want to make sure he's not so stressed out while I'm away that there's never a next time.

He'll be fine. He's a whiz at this Dad thing. It's just that we've never done this before. He's never been a single parent for more than an evening.

And, my early flight means he'll have to get the kids out the door to school on his own - and The Princess has hair that she insists isn't "done" unless it's in two french braids. :-/ I've already begun the propaganda that Daddy can just put it in one ponytail and that will be beautiful, too. I'm afraid that one ponytail will take Shawn roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

And, yes. That is my biggest fear of leaving town. I would say that my kids have a pretty awesome dad. 

But, anyway, if you're one of my friends in real life, could you please take a picture of Elizabeth at school tomorrow so I can see the results of his labor?! For that matter, take a picture of both of my children - let's see if they even have on pants. (I kid! Kinda. ;)

Shawn's Saturday looks like this, though:

  • 10am group violin lesson with Spence (parent attendance required)
  • 1pm basketball practice (this also happens to be team picture day - so he'll have to remember to turn in an order form and check). Oh, did I mention our coach is going to be out of town so he asked Shawn and a couple of other dads to substitute?! (Is it mean that I'm about to start laughing?)
  • Somewhere along the way, he needs to get the deposit for Spence's birthday party delivered.
  • And, his parents and aunt & uncle are coming to town (this will actually be his saving grace as I have no doubt he will turn over all childcare duties to his mom and aunt the moment they walk in the door...)

Don't feel too sorry for him and that Saturday from hell. He has the babysitter lined up to take my place while I'm away (ummm... one minute while I REPHRASE THAT). Priscilla is going to fetch my car from the airport, pick the kids up at school, watch them Friday night while Shawn goes to some parties, watch Lulu on Saturday during violin and basketball and watch both kids Sunday night while Shawn picks me up from the airport and we go to a friend's party... (come to think of it, when I write it all out, maybe he should replace me with Pricilla...)

I was considerate enough to schedule the kids flu vaccinations for next weekend instead of 8am this Saturday morning, as was my original intention. I give and give.

My sister's wireless at her house hates me, so I probably won't check in tomorrow. We'll catch up on Monday (hopefully, with pictures of Lulu's hair)!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! A GIRLS weekend - bliss:)


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