Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Monday - Wednesday
wake, dress & breakfast, spill entire cup of coffee on counter that runs into drawers and cabinets underneath*, school drop off, buy Cub Scout uniform when Boy Scout office opens at 8:30a.m., take uniform to school so Spence could wear it because he told me, "You said you would get me a uniform in time to wear it to school."**, grocery shopping, put dinner in crock pot, get cleaned up, pick up stuff from Shawn's office, pick up stuff from church, lunch with old friends, read with 1st graders, school pick-up, homework and violin practice, dinner, Cub Scout meeting, bath and bed, dishes, make snacks and lunch, set COFFEEwake, dress & breakfastschool drop off, exercise, meet with attorney***, get cleaned up, pick up Elizabeth for dance class, dance class, buy four birthday presents, pick up from dance class (late) and return to school, read with 1st graders, school pick-up, tennis lessons, deliver birthday present, homework, dinner, church meeting, type meeting minutes, make snacks, set COFFEEwake, dress & breakfastschool drop off, pick up birthday cake, start laundry, make bread for birthday lunch, get cleaned up, birthday lunch, buy thank-you cards, deliver thank-you cards to church, school pick-up, meet garage door repairman, violin practice, church dinner, children's choir practice, bath and bed, make snacks, set COFFEE, keep doing laundry...

I need to take a knee, Coach.

*Who knew this would set the tone for the whole week?! Hectic and chaotic.
**A classic example of Mommy Guilt.
***If you have kids, YOU NEED A WILL. If you have assets of any kind, YOU NEED A WILL. If you have a will, you need to re-evaluate it every five years because, trust me, things change! As my friend said, when we made our last will we were so poor we were deciding who would get the food stamps. We need to update it now so we can decide who gets the iPod (that and go ahead and add Elizabeth as one of our children - her probation period is over and we've decided to keep her!)


Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I am right there with you! I was just saying to Kevin tonight, though, that I need to stop being exasperated by the treadmill I call my life. My life is good, but dealing with constant insanity makes me insane. Such a challenge.

And yes, as an estate planning attorney who is currently refusing to do any estate planning for others, everyone needs a will. Even those who think, why would I need a will. I guarantee, you too need a will. Truly.

and P.S. So glad you are keeping Elizabeth. She is really cute.

Mandi said...

EA is very entertaining as well. Good choice.

Ali said...

amy - where IS that fine line between appreciation and insanity?!
amen, on the will lecture from an expert.
and, we're pretty pleased with the decision to keep EA.

mandi - thanks. we think it's one of our better choices.

Entertaining Women said...

So sad...I couldn't read whatever it was done in the yellow ink, so in my mind, that was when you kind of got a break...maybe you should write more things in yellow.

Ali said...

can't talk now... i'm changing my default text color to yellow...

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