Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your line is: "Everything looks great!"
Could you please try it again?

I was zooming around the house yesterday trying to get a million things done. I had a 2-hour bookfair shift to get to, followed by reading with Spence's first grade class. I was trying to get the breakfast dishes put away and dinner in the crockpot. The phone rang. It was the dermatologist's office.

"This is Ali."

"Ali. This is Dr. P's office. We've got the results of your biopsy."

"Oh, great!"


I stopped dead in my tracks.

(I'm getting that call. I'm getting that call. I'm getting THAT CALL.)

She did a great job of making sure I knew it was not melanoma. It is a spitz nevus... often called Juvenile Melanoma (ok, you're going to have to stop using that word)... more worrisome in children (well, I act a lot like a child, should we take this into consideration?)... does mean cells are changing... need to go back and make sure they remove it all.. bigger incision... couple stitches... will call in prescription for antibiotics and pain medicine (wait! pain medicine? just how much cutting will we be doing here?!*)... have a 7:00am appointment this Friday...

To say my emotions are a little raw, my nerves a little exposed would probably be an understatement. I know I do not need to worry about this annoying little mole. But you know, now is really not a good time to get proof that my skin actually wants to kill me...

*Maybe the cutting won't be so bad. Maybe pain meds are just the party favor/consolation prize for having to get "that" call...


cmjj said...

Ali, I am praying. I am praying that your incision will not be painful at all, that they will remove every bit of it, and that they will find nothing harmful on your body except evidence that the Almighty hand of God has been there working for His child.

Ali said...

thank you, Marcy. my life is much more blessed for having you in it. xoxo

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