Friday, July 16, 2010

So now how do I FORGET?!

I heard a news segment about how Americans are dumb and getting dumber. What's new, right?  But,  this particular segment was dealing with our increasing lack of memory skills. It went on to suggest useful memory devices; one of which was imagining a scene that consists of all of the things you need to remember for, say, your shopping list.  It claimed the more outlandish your scene, the easier it would be to remember.  So, I tried.

I imagined myself putting ponytail holders in Elizabeth's hair while she was wearing a Pull-up and I was wearing exercise shorts (yes, I need them so this never happens again) and socks and holding a razor in my mouth.  Then I started floating on a cloud of cotton balls while wearing a knee brace and applying makeup.

It worked perfectly.  I wrote out my list... once I finally remembered... to write it down... ummmm...

The problem is I can't get it OUT of my head now.  And, because misery loves company, I hope you never will either.

And, by the way, if you make it to the store anytime soon, could you pick up those few things for me?  I can't seem to remember to go.


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