Thursday, October 14, 2010

But I know all the names of The Wiggles

Spencer: Is Barack Obama still the president?

Me: He is. You're so smart to know that. Do you know [Wait] the name [Do I know the name] of the Vice President? [Please, please, please let Spencer know the name of the Vice President.]

Spencer: No. What is it? [Damn! It's not Dick Cheney. That was the last guy. It's not Dick Cheney. I can't get the name "Dick Cheney" out of my head!]

Me: Ummm. Just a second. [dialing Brandy. I can tell Brandy I can't remember the Vice President's name and she won't give me too much grief. JOE BIDEN! I'm gonna hang up. No. I can't hang up. By now the call has surely come through on her phone already.]

Brandy: Hello?

Me: I was calling to admit to you that I couldn't remember the Vice President's name. But, I DO know it! It's Joe Biden.

Brandy: [I don't know what she said next. I couldn't understand her through her laughter.]


Anonymous said...

maybe you should call and ask her the tree guy's name?

Ali said...

oh. now that's brilliant.

Sparkling said...

Ugh you gave me pause for a moment and I too thought of Cheney first (but couldn't come up with his first name). I did manage to come up with Biden before I read that you had too. Phew. I remember because Obama Biden signs creepily made me think they said Osama BinLaden if I lookd quickly and I thought that was just tooooooooo bizarre.

Ali said...

ha! I don't know what's more funny, that you thought you saw the name osama binladen every time you turned around, or that you couldn't remember the name "dick"!

Kimberly said...

Shit, I guess I better prepare for these pop quizzes...

Ali said...

yes. you do, kimberly. but, sadly, no one tells you what subject the quiz will cover. :-/

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