Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obscene Homework

It says, "Draw a picture to show the problem. 3 birds flying. 2 more come. Write how many birds in all."

Ummm... Son? It says 3 birds. You've drawn... well... never mind. Good job.

What? Why am I taking a picture of your homework? Because I think you did such an awesome job!


Mixtape Jones said...

Luckily, real "birds" aren'"squared off" like that.

Ali said...

oh my gosh, David. I laughed so hard at that that I couldn't even catch my breath!

cmjj said...

We will start calling Spence the Picasso of the 21st century.

Sparkling said...

Yeah, he drew 5 birds!!! Like he's giving someone the bird!!

Ali said...

YES, marcy! it's very Picasso-esque!

sparkling - that's EXACTLY the kind of bird it is. i was so stunned by my first impression that i clearly couldn't see it for what it was! :)

Avante Garde Parenting said...

Please say you put this one on the refrigerator. What did your husband say? I wonder what his teacher thought?!!

Ali, this is seriously so hilariously funny. I can't wait for you to show him this when he's older!

Ali said...

it's still at school so shawn hasn't seen it. i have NO idea what his teacher thought - i'm scared to ask. i guess we'll know when it gets sent home (and then she'll probably make me feel like a degenerate by acting like it's all perfectly normal)!

i can't wait to show him some day, too! rehearsal dinner, possibly?

Kimberly said...

This needs to be framed. I bet when the teacher saw this she couldn't keep a straight face! Too funny...I mean breathtaking.

Ali said...

framed?! kimberly! i DO NOT live in that kind of house! ;)

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