Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turning Over a New, Imperfect Leaf
(Shut Up. It USED to be Perfect. Yes It Did.)

I'm tired. I try to post every weekday.

Lately. Life is busy. Busy. Busy. Good! But, busy.

So, I sit here at 11:45pm trying to get Wednesday's post in before it's too late. And, my eyes droop. And, my thoughts? Not coherent.

No post today.

So, sue me. I'm not perfect.*

*I just heard somewhere that you do children a disservice by allowing them to believe you're perfect. Then they think anything short of perfection is failure. So, see? I'm helping my children know that you don't have to be perfect to be worthwhile. (Not that I would let them read this blog... See? Thoughts. Not coherent.) Anyway... I'm going to take some coins back out of the therapy fund - and I'm going to buy myself something pretty. As a reward for being imperfect.


S.I.F. said...

I've had a few days like this in the last few weeks for sure!

But seriously, I am loving your justification! SO true (and totally has me cracking up!) Your kids don't need perfection, they just need you... Same goes for all of us out here in blogland too...

Danny said...

I'm impressed that you post as often as you do already. Part of why I did my movie marathon this month was so I'd have a built-in source of material while I was trying to get my own blog off the ground. Now that the month is nearly over, I'm wondering what on earth I can write about to keep up the pace, since there's no way I can just keep mining my kids for material, and I'm not all that deep of a guy...

Ali said...

SIF - good thing my kids don't need perfection... they'd be waiting a LOOONG time. but, me? they got that! thanks!

danny - OH CONTRAIRE! why else did we HAVE children if it wasn't to mine them for blog material?! ;)
just keep your eyes open. one of the blessings of this blog, to me, is that it makes me pay attention to the everyday story of my life. if that fails, just publish a funny picture... :D

Kimberly said...

That is very very true! You only have to be good enough not perfect!

Ali said...

amen, kimberly! let's raise a glass to "good enough!"

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