Monday, October 25, 2010

How did we end up here?!

By twists and turns and happenstance, Elizabeth, my mom and I spent Friday night here:
It's officially a little cabin in the woods.

And, this is how it happened: Shawn and I were supposed to go to Austin this weekend. Boy Scout camp turned out to be the same weekend. The entire family was invited to attend Boy Scout camp. Shawn and I cancelled Austin and we were going to *gulp* camp as a family. Spencer learned of the "family camping" plan and quite unceremoniously un-invited his sister and me. We girls picked ourselves up by our bootstraps and enlisted "Nanny" to help us find our own girl-adventure (she is really quite good at that kind of thing). She found a cabin in the woods. On Friday, we went girl camping. Or rather, "glamping."

When we awoke on Saturday, the heavens opened as though they were telling us to get the hell out of town. We obeyed.

This is the black sky that was pouring rain at 10:00 in the morning.
And, that's Elizabeth watching the rain with her stuffed animals
safely ensconced in a garbage bag to keep them "safe and dry."

We returned home just in time for Shawn and me to attend our friends' annual Halloween party.

We were Bedbugs.
(That's a coffin/cooler behind us. I just didn't want you to miss it.)

In one final twist of irony, Shawn and Spencer didn't make it to Boy Scout camp either. And, evidently, when you leave two men footloose, fancy-free and unattended for twenty-four hours, Red Ryder BB Guns are purchased. WTH?! "You'll shoot your eye out!"

He's so intense! Evidently, once you're the proud owner of a BB gun,
you have to be mentally prepared to join a posse at a moment's notice.


Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I missed you in Austin!!! Looks like the weekend was nonetheless quite eventful!

Ali said...

Quite eventful!

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