Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shawn was robbed and assaulted

In case I just gave you a similar heart attack to the one I suffered when I heard those words, I will begin by stating emphatically: HE IS FINE.

He pulled up to the valet parking in San Antonio last night about 10:15. He was last in the line of cars. He saw two men (one in his 20s, one in his 30s) walk out of the bar next door. He set his briefcase on the ground and reached in to the backseat to get his suit jacket. One of the guys grabbed his briefcase not two feet away from Shawn, and Shawn grabbed him by the arm. They struggled with each other and the second guy ran up behind Shawn and pushed him to the ground. (At this point, you may want to take a gander over at that family picture in the sidebar. Shawn is not a small person. Shawn is a giant. I'm not sure it is even in my capabilities to push him down. So, we're not talking about a love-tap here.)

The thugs took off toward the Riverwalk with four valets, the hotel security guard (who is just about finished with his training to join the San Antonio police force) and Shawn (!) on their tails. One valet and the security guard went around and cut them off as they tried to come up out of the Riverwalk. And, by "cut off", I mean the security guard "form tackled" one of them, according to Shawn. He told Shawn that it wasn't too hard to know who he was looking for since they were two scummy-looking rats running down the street carrying a thirty-pound briefcase.

Shawn said bicycle policemen arrived from everywhere, at least fifteen of them (note to self: never make fun of bicycle policemen again).

Shawn and the valet who witness the entire thing got to go down to the police station and give statements until 1:15 in the morning.

But, here's the kicker: since they didn't just take his briefcase, but also pushed him to the ground, the charges went from misdemeanor "theft" to felony "assault." Good. This is my husband you messed with you no-good vermin.

The story that came out in the end was that they came out of the bar and "were looking for some excitement." Well, did you find it, you pieces of crap? I hear jail's pretty exciting.

I told Shawn in no uncertain terms (read that as using words my dad doesn't like me to use...) that his &%$*#@% briefcase wasn't worth his life - the "pusher" could have just as easily had a weapon. He told me he knew and he didn't care about his briefcase or his laptop - but he really needed the paperwork for his meetings today. :-/

P.S. Don't everyone call him at once to tell him he's an idiot and you love him - he really does have a lot of client meetings today. Just send up a quick thanks to the Lord for giving him such an amazing guardian angel and for answering our nightly prayers when he travels to "bring our Daddy back safely and quickly to us."


Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

OMgoodness! Thank God for guardian angels.

I see Shawn John this afternoon. Will give him a big-thank-goodness-you-are-ok hug.

Hill Country Happenings said...

Thank God he is ok!

Ali said...

thank you, amy - please give him an extra one from me.

nicole - thank God.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Shawn is okay!!!!!!!!!

Those two felons don't have much going for them. They started off not smart and severely vision-impaired...now prison. Ouch.

So glad your tough, butt-kicking, criminal-apprehending, "You lookin' at ME?", darling husband is okay.

:) LE

Ali said...

that made me smile, len. love you!

Sparkling said...

what idiots!!!! so many people around to see it. i'm glad they all went after them and hope things will be pushed to the fullest extent of the law. oh but does that mean he has to go back to San An when they go to court?

Ali said...

probably not since they have a confession. it wouldn't go to trial unless they wanted to plead "not guilty."

Ali said...

but, amen to "the fullest extent of the law!"

Kathy said...

Holy cow! They were messing with the wrong person. I'm so happy to read that so many people came running to his aid. There's someone's tax dollars at work. Hurray he was OK. Yes, it could have turned out so much differently. And, please, never use a post title like that again. Give me a heart attack, why don't ya?

April said...

Oh my gosh how scary!

I guess those bicycle policemen are for real, huh? Just yesterday my daughter and I went on a field trip to a play with my son and his class. There was a bicycle policeman at the park who was taking a breather by my car. When we walked up he spoke and said, "Morning, ma'am. Just keeping a watch over things here at the park - making sure everyone's safe." Why did he have to speak? The bicycle, helmet and vest speak for themselves. And yes, we did poke fun a bit when we left. After this, though, I promise you I'll think twice next time I see one. But I'll probably still think he looks dumb. :)

Glad everything turned out like it did!

Ali said...

Kathy - i would have been the same heart attack i suffered when he said those words to me! there has to be a gentler way to start telling this story, right?!

April - thanks. and, yes, those cops are for real. one of my facebook friends said her boyfriend is a bicycle cop and they'll RAM you with their bike! ummm. ouch.

Entertaining Women said...

I wonder if it was the same guardian angel that people saw 'riding in the car with you' all those years ago the day that you had the car wreck? Remember that? Praise God that Shawn is safe. ILY!

Danny said...

First, I am very glad that Shawn is OK and that he got his stuff back. Your kids are lucky to have a dad who not only provides, but can kick some ass when needed, and I say that seriously.

That said, I so wanted this story to include him pulling out some Clint Eastwood (or at least David Caruso) tendencies and giving those kids a one-liner to remember in prison.

"That case is my business. (takes off sunglasses) And I'm all business."

Ali said...

i can't tell him that line - it's so good it would give him a george-moment from seinfeld. he'd go LOOKING to get mugged again, just so he could use the line!

and, p.s., DO NOT call those worthless good-for-nothings "kids." it makes them sound like boys who don't know better and just made a bad choice. one of them was in his THIRTIES - old enough to know better and clearly a worthless good-for-nothing who's decided he could live a life doing whatever the hell he wanted whenever the hell he wanted. someone who thinks the rules don't apply to him. why work for something when you can just TAKE whatever you want?

*climbing down from my soapbox now*

Danny said...

Sorry about that, A. Didn't think it through, but I see your point clearly.

Ali said...

no worries. i'm a little angry... can you tell? (but, my anger is with THEM not YOU!)

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