Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where Do I Get Matching His and Hers Leotards?

Well, I am, too. Kinda.

Remember how, through a bizarre change of events and cancelled plans, we were able to make it to our friends' annual Halloween party? Well, I haven't told you of my behavior while there. (There really was little doubt that there was a story, was there?!)

My friend (who shall forever remain nameless in the telling of this story*) and I were on the dance floor. We were facing the same direction; I was in front of her. We both fell forward. (Yes. I am glossing over the details of how we got in that position.) As we fell toward the ground, self-preservation (or face-preservation?) caused me to throw my head back - right into her face. Her nose, to be more specific. It was a reverse head-butt. Oddly, the most damage came from the clip that was holding my hair. It took a chunk out of her nose. She has a black-eye to go with it, too.

I'm a menace. I mean. Bad-ass.

Now I just need to learn to harness my power and only use it against bad guys (as opposed to my friends/innocent victims). Then... Shawn and I? Will be an unstoppable crime-fighting duo.

*But, if you know me in real-life, just look for my black-eyed, swollen-nosed friend. You'll figure it out.


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